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Reasons Why We Guess Windows 12 is the Next Generation

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What name will be used for the next generation of Windows? Will it be called Windows 12 as most people have predicted, or will it be called another name?

We’re curious about it, and we have our guess. From the site’s title you should know our opinion clearly. Here are the reasons why we guess so.

Naming Patterns over the Years

generations of Windows OS

Windows has gone through a long period of version iteration since the release of Windows 1.0 in 1985. The naming rules are different in different stages.

  1. Windows 1.0 – Windows 3.1 (1985 – 1992): These early versions were simply numbered sequentially, indicating the chronological order of release.
  2. Windows 95 – Windows ME (1995 – 2000): Microsoft shifted to using years in the product names, starting with Windows 95, followed by Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows ME (Millennium Edition).
  3. Windows XP (2001): With Windows XP, Microsoft introduced a departure from the previous naming convention, opting for a more abstract and expressive name, standing for “experience”.
  4. Windows Vista (2006): Following XP, Microsoft continued with abstract names, this time using “Vista,” which conveys a sense of vision or perspective.
  5. Windows 7 (2009): Microsoft returned to using numerical values for Windows 7, possibly to signify a major milestone or to simplify branding after the mixed reception of Windows Vista.
  6. Windows 8 (2012): With Windows 8, Microsoft continued the numerical naming convention. This version introduced significant changes to the user interface with the introduction of the Metro design language.
  7. Windows 10 (2015): Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and directly named the next version Windows 10, possibly to emphasize the leap forward in features and capabilities. This version was marketed as a universal platform across various devices.
  8. Windows 11 (2021): After Windows 10, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, signaling another major release with significant design and feature updates.

As you can see, since Windows 7, Windows has returned to the numerical naming pattern. We believe this pattern will continue, for reasons discussed below.

Branding Consistency

Microsoft branding and device

Companies need to consider the consistency of their brands.

Whether naming by year or by number, it is best to allow users to see at a glance the relationship between the two generations of products: which product is newer and more modern.

What comes after 10 and 11? 12, of course. This is a natural human reaction.

In the first impression, Windows 11 is an upgrade to Windows 10, while Windows 12 is an upgrade to Windows 11, thus 11 is better than 10, and 12 is better than 11. This is the potential motivation for users to upgrade their systems.

Apple is clearly better at naming consistency, so isn’t it normal for Microsoft to learn from its competitors?

No Special Events on Time and Business

meetings - business discussion

Microsoft might change its naming patterns on some events.

Windows 95 to Windows ME were at the turn of the millennium. Windows 7 was a product of a desperate need to change people’s minds after Vista failed, similar to how Microsoft skipped 9 and went with Windows 10 after the Windows 8 series failed.

Considering the time, there is nothing special about 2024 and 2025.

From the perspective of business performance, although the market share of Windows 11 is still lower than that of Windows 10, it is generally on an upward trend. Windows 11 is still far from EOL, and Windows 10 will EOL in 2025, so Windows 11 will gain a large number of users in the future. In other words, Windows 11 has not failed, and it will not cause Microsoft to change the naming patterns to help the next generation system distinguish relationship with it.

Our Conclusion

Based on the analysis of naming patterns in Windows history, Microsoft’s branding consistency, as well as spacial time & envents, we’ve drawn the conclusion that Windows 12 is most likely the name of next Windows generation.

Leave comments if you have different opinions on this. We’re looking forwart to see your convincing reasons.

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