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How to Remove and Relaunch Edge Search Bar on Your Desktop

Microsoft Edge

Occasionally you see a search bar appears on your Desktop. As you see the logo on the left, it’s a widget of Microsoft Edge browser.

You may wonder how to remove Edge Search Bar, and in some cases, how to relaunch it again. This is what I am going to show you in this post.

Microsoft Edge Search Bar

At the first time the Edge Search Bar shows, it prompts a small window where you have a Turn Off option. But if you have missed the chance, you’ll only be able to close it temporarily, in other words, the Edge Search Bar auto-launches after Windows starts.

Luckily the Edge Search Bar has an entry in System Tray. Right click on the Edge icon, and then select Quit option, you’ll see a small pop-up.

Menu of Microsoft Edge Search Bar in System Tray

To remove the Bar permanently, you should check the option Turn off auto-launch. At last, click on the Yes, close button to complete the operation.

Pop-up of Microsoft Edge Search Bar

Just in case you want to launch the Edge Search Bar again, please open the window of Microsoft Edge browser. Click on the menu button on the top right corner, and then select More tools – Launch search bar from the menu, you’ll see the Bar shows on your Desktop again.

launch Edge search bar

The Edge Search Bar is totally under your control now.

If Microsoft Edge has been uninstalled, you can download here and install it manually.

I hope this post does help you out.Please leave a comment if you have any question. Thanks for your reading.

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