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This Windows 12 Concept Video Showcases a Modern Operating System

Windows 12 concept

Have you heard about Windows 12? It’s rumored to be the next big thing from Microsoft!

We’re all itching to see what it might look like, but since it’s not official yet, it’s all just speculation. Luckily, a cool video creator named AR4789 has put together a concept video for Windows 12. Check it out—it’s a glimpse into what a modern operating system could be like.

What We Found in the Video

There is a newly designed Lock Screen. It looks simpler and cleaner than any other version.

After logging in, we can see two big changes:

  1. Taskbar is shortened and centered.
  2. A top bar is added, and many functions like weather, search box, and system tray are put there.

To be honest, this design looks very similar to MacOS and some Linux distributions.

Start Menu is also changed. It has a full list of applications on the left, and Resent Items on the right hand. While scrolling up on the right area, we see a list of pinned apps. This design appears to regress back to Windows 7, completely abandoning the tile concept introduced in Windows 8, yet still retaining the shadow of Windows 11.

Start Menu in Windows concept

The Windows 12 concept introduces a new item — Widget. When you click on the weather icon on the left side of the top bar, a window will pop out from the left side of the screen, containing many small widgets on top, making it convenient to preview a lot of information.

You might think it’s just copying MacOS. However, excellent design is universal, and here, a similar yet distinct design approach is adopted. Apperently widgets here have much more settings options and customization than those on MacOS.

Another big change happens to File Explorer. However, it looks a bit messy, so I prefer the current design.

The interface of System Settings is also changed, which uses the same design language as File Explorer. It reminds me of the Control Panel. How I wish the legacy Control Panel to be removed, and all settings integrated into one Settings.

blue screen in Windows 12 concept

At last, the author designed a new Blue Screen(BSOD), which is beautiful but not blue at all.

In this concept video, which aspects do you think are good and should be adopted by Microsoft? Feel free to discuss in the comments section. If you really like this concept, you can share this post and video to others. Perhaps if Microsoft sees how popular it is, they’ll adopt these designs.

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