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Look Here: Easily Enable Sensitive Content on Telegram

Telegram blocked message

Telegram, as a communication tool, offers unparalleled security and speed, making it a valuable asset for everyone.

The ecosystem of channels and groups offers a never-ending stream of information and conversation. However, you may have encountered this message before: a notification stating that a channel cannot be displayed due to its use in spreading sensitive content.

channel blocked beacuse of Telegram sensitive content

You may wonder how to enable sensitive content on telegram, don’t worry, you can easily solve this problem following this article.

Enable Sensive Content

Step 1: Install and Run Telegram Desktop

Visit the Telegram Desktop page, and you can choose either installer or portable version.

Download Telegram Desktop

Once the download is complete, locate the file in File Explorer.

If it is an installer, you should double-click on it to start the installation process. For the portable version, you should unzip it to a specific directory and then run the executable program within that directory.

Step 2: Log into Your Telegram Account

As the settings synchronize across various platforms, ensure that you log into Telegram Desktop using the same account that you use on other platforms, such as your iPhone and Android.

Step 3: Disable Filtering

Click on the hamburger menu button on the top left of Telegram interface, and then click on Settings.

Telegram Desktop Settings

In Settings window, you’ll find the option Privacy and Security, this is what we want.

Telegram Privacy and Security Settings

Within the pop-up, scroll down until you find the block labeled Sensitive content. There, you will see the option Disable filtering. By default, this option is set to OFF, which is why you are unable to access certain channels. The final step is to toggle the switch for Disable filtering to ON.

Telegram - Sensitive content - Disable filtering

Close the pop-up window, return to previously unaccessable channels, you’ll find the message is gone.

Now you’ve granted the access to channels containing sensitive content. If the message still shows in certain channel, it doesn’t mean that you’re blocked again, it’s the channel itself being blocked.

What if you wish to revert to the default setting? Simply follow the same path as before and enable filtering, as previously instructed — but I bet you won’t do that.

Wrapping Up

Telegram is a powerful tool that gives you ample freedom. You can easily enable sensitive content by following this guide. But please bear in mind that you’re responsible for yourself, and we strongly recommend you to think twice before acting.

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