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An All-in-One Solution for Network Problems on Your Windows


Network problems are always annoying.

It’s very common, but it always takes a lot of time to fix. Sometimes there is a problem with the Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s line, sometimes the router is out of action, but occasionally, the issue lies with our own computer. Corrupted drivers, DNS errors, incorrect network configurations… these can all cause network problems. I can’t imagine how much effort it would take to troubleshoot these problems one by one.

Is there a method or tool that we can use to try to repair the network even if we don’t know where the problem is?

Of course it does, and it’s built into your Windows system.

Global Network Reset

Since we don’t know the source of the network problem, resetting the network to its default state is the quickest solution.

This feature works on almost any version of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, and all the way up to Windows 11. However, users of Windows 10 Build 14361 or later can use the graphical interface to operate, while users of previous versions can only use the command line.

For Windows 10 Build 14361 Or Later

As there are interface differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10, I would like to demonstrate them separately.

1. Windows 11

Navigate to System Settings, select Network & internet from the menu on the left, and then click on the option labeled Advanced network settings at the bottom of the page.

Windows 11 Network & internet

And then, select the option Network reset.

more Network & internet settings

Confirm the action by click on the Reset now button. Please read the notice above that button before performing this.

Windows 11 Network reset

You’ll see a pop-up asking you to confirm again. Click on Yes to continue.

confirm Network reset

Right after you click on Yes, Windows 11 states that you’re about to be signed out. There is nothing else to do, system restarts itself in 5 minutes, all the operation would be done during restart.

The network problem is most probably solved if it’s not related to hardware.

2. Windows 10

Navigate to Settings Network & Internet, make sure that you’re in Status page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see the option named Network reset, that’s it.

Windows 10 Network & Internet settings, Network reset

The remaining steps are the same as on Windows 11 and will not be repeated here.

For Any/Previous Versions

If you prefer to use command lines, which looks more geeky, may follow the steps below.

1. Open Windows Command Line Interface (CLI)

Right click on the Start Menu, select corresponding CLI entry according to the system version.

Windows versionName of CLI
XP – 8.1Command Prompt(Admin)
10Windows PowerShell(Admin)

Click on Yes in the pop-up User Account Control(UAC) window to grant the administrator privilege. If you’re using a standar account, you have to input Admin user’s password to continue.

Windows 10 User Account Control(UAC)

2. Run the Command

Input manually or copy and paste(click on the right button of your mouse in CLI window) following command into CLI window, and then press Enter button.

netsh winsock reset

If the command is correct, you will see a prompt like this:

Sucessfully reset the Winsock Catalog.
You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.

Windows 10 netsh winsock reset

3. Reboot Windows to Complete the Reset

As you can see, to complete the reset you must restart the computer, just the same as we did with GUI. The only difference is that, you have to restart the computer manually but not automatically.

The End

As mentioned at the beginning, many factors can cause network problems, some caused by software and some caused by hardware. If it is a software problem, then this method will most likely solve the problem. If this method does not solve the problem, then further investigation is needed, or hardware may have to be considered.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope this article can help you.

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